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We manufacture Microphone Preamplifiers, for broadcast, professional and amateur sound recording. We also make and supply leads, adapters, connectors and components.

FEL Communications Limited is a British business. We have been established since 1999. All of our preamplifiers are designed, developed and manufactured here in England by us.

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  • £ 33.80

    Balanced XLR Microphone into unbalanced Camera or Recorder. Ideal if you need to connect a balanced XLR microphone to a DV Camera, DSLR, Video Camera, PC, laptop or other recorder. Professional microphones normally have a balanced output.

    £ 33.80
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  • £ 12.00

    Neutrik XX Series Connectors. Male 3-pin XLR to female 3-pin XLR with Nickel housing and silver contacts. Available in 1 and 2 metre lengths. We use a lightweight screened cable making this lead particularly suitable for small recorders. Made by FEL.

    £ 12.00
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Showing 19 - 20 of 20 items