FEL 3.5 SX3
  • FEL 3.5 SX3

FEL 3.5 SX3 - Stereo 3 Pin XLR input

  • Stereo preamp built inside the XLR socket. 
  • Connect directly between any dynamic or self powered mic and a recorder or camera with 3.5 mm mic input and plug in power. 
  • 20 dB of great sounding low noise gain.
  • Custom lengths are available for all 3.5 series. Please contact.
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  • 20 dB Stereo Microphone preamplifier, a preamplifier for use with microphones built inside a 3 pin stereo XLR connector. 
  • No batteries, no switches, plug in and go! 
  • Low noise and high quality.

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