Smart Clippy EM272Z1 Mono Microphone

  • A clip-on lavalier microphone using the superb low noise, high sensitivity Primo EM272Z1 capsule. 
  • Includes Clippy Spare Clip:Type B
  • Rugged black anodized aluminium enclosure, metal grid, tough metal clip and 1 metre of thin flexible screened cable.
  • Gold plated TRRS plug to use with a smart phone.
  • Primo EM272Z1 Data sheet

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The TRRS plug means this mic will plug into almost any smart phone with a headset socket. It can also be used with PC's and laptops which have headset type sockets. A headset is a combined headphones and microphone.

Mobile phones can emit very high power radio frequency when they are distant from an aerial. This signal can interfere with the sound from the Clippy mic.  If this becomes a problem we would recommend switching the phone to flight mode (aeroplane mode, airplane mode, offline mode)

Please note this mic uses and improved all metal clip which is different from our old Clippy mics which had a plastic mic holder on the metal clip.

"Very crisp "boosty" sound. Thank you for designing such a fine piece of equipment." J. Lampert, pianist & composer:


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