Clippy EM272M Mono Omni Microphone
  • Clippy EM272M Mono Omni Microphone
  • Clippy Mono to Smartphone via FA115
  • 2x Clippy Mono to Olympus via FL025
  • 2xMono Clippy  with FL025 cable
  • Clippy Enclosure Mesh Cap
  • Clippy Enclosure and Clip (Type B)

Clippy EM272 Mono Microphone

  • A clip-on lavalier microphone using the superb low noise, high sensitivity Primo EM272 omni capsule
  • Rugged black anodized aluminium enclosure, metal grid, tough metal clip and 1 metre of thin flexible screened cable
  • To use with a smartphone you can use a TRS to TRRS Microphone Adapter or a Smart Clippy.
  • For custom cable lengths please see here

Primo EM272Z1 Data Sheet

Capsules: Single
Microphone: EM272M
In Stock

There is a small family of Clippy EM272Z1 microphones as below:

With 3.5 mm plugs, requiring Plug-in Power:

  • Mono Clippy - with straight stereo moulded plug, the mic signal is fed to both left and right channels
  • Stereo Clippy - with right angle stereo metal plug - a Matched Pair of Clippy mics
  • Stere Module - with straight stereo moulded plug - a Matched Pair of Clippy mics 
  • Stere Module - with right angle stereo metal plug moulded - a Matched Pair of Clippy mics 
  • Smart Mono Clippy - with straight TRRS moulded plug suitable for use with mobile phones and some laptop computers.

With XLR plugs and requiring phantom power:

  • Mono - a single mono Clippy microphone with a 3 pin male XLR
  • Stereo - pair of matched XLR Clippy mics, each with a 3 pin male XLR
  • Quad - 4 matched XLR Clippy mics, each with a 3 pin male XLR

Dimensions of enclosure: Diameter 12 mm, overall height 25 mm.
Please note this microphone requires "Plug-in Power".  This is available on the microphone socket of every portable recorder and camera that we are aware of.

  • Cable is terminated with a 3.5 mm stereo plug.
  • Available either as as a single or matched pair.

This is a complete ready to use lavalier microphone using the popular Primo EM272Z1 omni directional capsule. The capsule is the lowest noise and most sensitive in this price range. It can be plugged directly into the microphone socket of most portable recorders and cameras.

What's included:

  • Clippy microphone
    Clippy Metal Clip

Please note some customers have found that the EM272Z1 capsule used in the Clippy can pick up interference form Wi-Fi based radio transmitters like the Rode Wireless Go. For use with Wi-Fi radio mics we strongly suggest a Clippy with EM272M capsule.

"I was blown away by the quality of the stereo pair. They're awesome. I'll be recommending them widely." A.H Essex

"Just got around to testing your Clippy EM172 mic - the claim it is 4db more sensitive than the Rode (Rode smartLav) does seem to hold up - I like it a lot. It's got just that extra boost I need. I've ordered another"  LC, London

"First impression is how quiet the mics are." A.H North Yorkshire


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