Binaural Head Ears, Extra Clear Silicone, Moulded (No holes)


  • A pair of Moulded Silicone Ears for Binauaral Head Recording.
  • High quality smooth silicone, free of bubbles and other imperfections.
  • Ear canal suitable for Primo EM182, 272, 273, 264283 and other 10 mm microphone capsules.
  • No holes.

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Made from a flexible, tough, waterproof silicone these full size moulds have an ear canal which will accommodate a 6-10 mm mic capsule, ideal for a Primo EM172 or EM173. The mould has a deep body which both contains the ear canal and gives a substantial base area for mounting to a dummy head or similar. As supplied there is no hole from the base of the ear canal to the rear of the mould but this is very easily cut with a sharp knife or scalpel if required. The hole can be cut to suit the capsule or just slit for a cable to pass through. They are supplied as a left/right pair. (Microphone capsules are not included)

  • Outer ear part: 63 mm high, 38 mm wide, 22 mm deep
  • Body section: 55 mm high, 38 mm wide, 15 mm deep
  • Overall Size: 63 mm high, 38 mm wide, 36 mm deep. Weight 38 g each

"The Primo EM172 mics sound great and the Binaural Ears are superb quality.
Thanks for your excellent service." G.D London


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