Primo EM272 Module, Stereo with 3.5mm plug, 1.5m
  • Primo EM272 Module, Stereo with 3.5mm plug, 1.5m
  • Primo EM272 Module, Stereo with 3.5mm plug, 1.5m
  • Primo EM272 Module, Stereo with 3.5mm plug, 1.5m

Primo EM272Z1 Omni module, Stereo with 3.5mm plug, 1.8m

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Primo EM272Z1 Data Sheet

  • 1.5 metre screened cable
  • Single version of this module is available

This is a complete working microphone module, ready to plug in, no soldering is required. It uses the superb low noise EM172 omni directional electret capsule from Primo.

The module uses a thin, flexible, high quality screened cable with a 3.5 mm stereo, metal bodied, gold plated plug, made by Rean. At the end of this cable is a short unscreened tail of very thin and flexible wire that goes to the capsule which enables it to be mounted conveniently.

We make Single and Stereo versions of this unit, the stereo version has matched sensitivity capsules. The stereo version uses figure of eight cable, this cable can be split apart by hand depending on how far apart the capsules will be mounted.
Both units really need a housing and support for the microphone capsule and cable, although they work and can be used as supplied. The internet shows lots of mounting solutions, plastic, copper or brass tube, the capsules can be fixed to a flat plate to produce a boundary microphone, they can be fitted to spectacles, mounted on headphones, concealed in clothing. This module is also ideal for binaural use with our Binaural Head Ears.

We offer 3 rubber mounts which may help with mounting:  FC032,
FC013 and FC014.

Please note the EM172 capsule requires Plug-in Power to work. This is provided on the microphone socket of most recorders and cameras. On some devices this will need to be enabled in a menu. Alternatively a battery box may be used.

Devices supplying plug in power include:

  • Olympus LS series recorders
  • Zoom H series recorders
  • Sony PCM-D100 and M-10

Cable length 1.5 metres, cable size stereo 2.5 mm x 5.0 mm


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