Stereo Primo EM272 module, 3.5 mm right angle plug, 1.5m Mogami thin cables

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This is a complete working microphone module, ready to plug in, no soldering is required.

The mic uses the superb low noise EM272 omni directional electret capsule from Primo.

The module uses a thin, flexible, high quality screened cable with a 3.5 mm stereo, metal bodied, gold plated plug, made by Rean. At the end of this cable is a short unscreened tail of very thin and flexible wire that goes to the capsule which enables the it to be mounted conveniently.

Please note the EM272 requires Plug-in Power to work. This is provided on the microphone socket of almost all recorders and cameras. On some devices this will need to be enabled in a menu. Alternatively a battery box may be used.

Devices supplying plug in power include:

  • Olympus LS series recorders
  • Zoom H series recorders
  • Sony PCM-D100 and M-10

Cable length 1.5 metres to each capsule, cable size 2.1 mm diamete

Primo EM272 Data Sheet


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