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This is the home page of FEL Communications Ltd, we are a UK based company making and distributing microphone preamplifiers and associated products

  • £ 1.05

    Miniature unbalanced lavalier microphone cable Diameter 2mm Conductors: 1 and screen Jacket: Flexible PVC

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  • £ 137.04

    Phantom powered microphone preamp which also passes phantom on to the microphone. 3 input connector options available, Standard, Extended Female and Locking Female XLR.

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  • £ 10.00

    Omni directional (non-directional) Signal to Noise ratio 80dB (Self Noise 14dBA) Available as single capsules or matched pairs Also available with short wires pre-soldered Sensitivity -28 dB (+/- 3dB at 1kHz, 0dB=1V/Pa) Operating Voltage 3 V (2-10 V) Maximum input Sound Pressure Level 119 dB Diameter 10 mm, depth 4.5 mm, Weight 0.9 grammes.

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  • £ 31.90

    A collection of parts to make a simple high quality stereo microphone. 2 x Primo EM172-Z1 capsules 1 x Neutrik metal bodied gold plated stereo 3.5 mm plug (FC019) 10 cm of 1.6 mm diameter heatshrink sleeving 1 x 1.5 meters Figure of 8 Shielded Cable Basic wiring diagram Cable length 1.5, 3 or 10 metres, also individualy available on FL156.

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  • £ 13.50

    High sensitivity Electret Condenser Microphone. Omni directional Ultra low noise, Wide dynamic range (108db), High quality. 10 mm diameter.  3 wire connection

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  • £ 13.00

    Primo EM184 Cardioid Microphone Capsule. Available singly or as sensitivity matched pairs for stereo use

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  • £ 127.50

    Stereo preamp with 3.5 mm input socket. Connect directly between any dynamic or battery powered mic and a recorder or camera with 3.5 mm mic input and plug in power. 20 dB of great sounding low noise gain. Alternative to FP306 3.5SM. Custom lengths are available for all 3.5 series. Please contact us.

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  • £ 41.00

    A complete working microphone module ready to build in to a housing or enclosure. Stereo and mono versions available with standard or matching capsules. Complete working microphone ready to plug in No soldering required Does require capsule and cable to be supported 1.5 metre screened cable Metal bodied, gold plated, stereo plug

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