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This is the home page of FEL Communications Ltd, we are a UK based company making and distributing microphone preamplifiers and associated products

  • £ 31.50

    A clip-on lavalier microphone using the superb low noise, high sensitivity Primo EM172 capsule.  Rugged black anodized aluminium enclosure, metal grid, tough metal clip and 1.1 metre of thin flexible screened cable. Cable is terminated with a 3.5 mm stereo plug. A Stereo Clippy is also available here. Could be connected with FL025 or FL026...

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  • £ 51.00

    A pair of Moulded Silicone Ears for Binauaral Head Recording. High quality smooth silicone, free of bubbles and other imperfections. Ear canal suitable for EM172 capsule. Available in colours: Extra Clear. No holes.

    £ 51.00
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  • £ 15.50

    High-level protection against wind noise for lavalier mics in the open air. Helps reduce microphone noise and clothes rustle. Elastic opening fits over our Clippy Microphones. Available in Grey and Black. Rycote DIY Windjammer Kit, Black & Grey are also available.

    £ 15.50
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  • £ 137.04

    Phantom powered microphone preamp which also passes phantom on to the microphone. 3 input connector options available Standard Extended Female Locking Female XLR

    £ 137.04
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  • £ 36.50

    Primo EM172 capsule in a rugged nylon panel mount enclosure Designed for outside use in monitoring applications. Windshield and Rycote Windjammer kit are available. Primo EM 172 Z-1 Data sheet

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  • £ 214.00

    High sensitivity omni-directonal low noise microphones Balanced XLR outputs Phantom power 12-48 volts Black aluminium housing Balancing electronics inside the XLR plug Also available as single microphones and matched stereo pairs Primo EM 172 Z-1 Data sheet

    £ 214.00
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  • £ 12.12

    Back In Stock Includes: Rycote Black and Short Fur Rycote Red Lining Velcro strips Made in the UK Long Grey fur is also available. Make your own windjammer. You need a sewing machine or needle and thread.

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  • £ 1.45

    To reduce the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt into microphone capsules Self adhesive fixing Perfect size for Primo EM172 and EM173 Made by Gore, the Gore-tex company, in USA

    £ 1.45
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