DIY Stereo Microphone Kit of Parts thin cable with Primo EM172 capsules


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You must have the equipment listed below and some soldering knowledge before you start.

  • A small tip soldering iron and solder intended for electronic use.
  • Fine electronics wire cutters and strippers.
  • A means of holding the capsules and the plug whilst soldering.
  • A steady hand.

A pack of parts to make a stereo microphone. This pack does not include a housing for the microphone capsule, this is for you to arrange, the internet will show you lots of solutions, plastic, copper or brass tube, the capsules can be epoxied to a flat plate to produce a boundary microphone, they can be fixed to glasses, mounted on headphones, concealed in clothing - its all up to you.

The completed microphone requires Plug-in Power to work. This is provided on the microphone socket of most recorders, cameras and PC's. On some devices this will need to be switched in a menu.


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