FC087, IPX4, Acoustic Microphone Vents
  • FC087, IPX4, Acoustic Microphone Vents

Acoustic Microphone Vents. 10mm

  • Self adhesive electret capsule covers
  • To reduce the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt into microphone capsules 
  • For 10 mm diameter capsules
  • 2 types with different protection levels
  • Please note these vents provide degrees of water resistance, they do not make the capsule waterproof.
  • Available singly or in sheets
  • 5.8 mm diameter vents are available.
Protection class: IPX4
Pack: Single
In Stock

  • Provided on a backing paper these vents peel off and stick firmly onto the capsule. Can be applied by hand but tweezers are useful for precise positioning
  • Type IPX2 offers liquid protection class IPX2
  • Type IPX4 offers improved liquid protection class IPX4
  • We do not have data on how these vents affect the behaviour of the capsule at audio frequencies, we hope to take measurements ourselves and publish these in due course.

Full details of the degrees of Ingress Protection (IP) can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code


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