Clippy Stereo EM264Y

Clippy EM264Y interference. Please read all description before purchasing.
We have found that the EM264 capsule is unusually vulnerable to electro magnetic interference, particularly mains hum and lower frequency buzzes. They are good for outdoor use by nature recordists but indoors some customers have had problems. The interference is very variable.
Plug Type: Right Angle
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We are looking into a method for better grounding the Clippy metal shell so it will screen the capsule more effectively. If you are not satisfied this product, we would accept return for refund. Please note that the postage and any fees will not be refunded.

  • A clip-on lavalier microphone using the superb low noise, high sensitivity Primo EM264Y Cardioid Microphone Capsule
  • Rugged black anodized aluminium enclosure, metal grid, tough metal clip and 1.1 metre of thin flexible screened cable
  • Include 2 x FC128 Spare Clippy Clip
  • Mono Clippy is also available.
  • Characteristic : Uni-directional (cardioid)
  • Sensitivity: 37 dB ± 3 dB at 1 kHz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa , VCC = 3 V, RL = 2 k Ω)Impedance: 1.4 kΩ ±30% at 1kHz
 S/N Ratio: 74 dB at 1 kHzMax Input Sound Pressure Level: 120 dB S.P.L

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