Clippy Spare Clip Type  B
  • Clippy Spare Clip Type  B
  • Cippy spare Clip. B: New style come with Smart Clippy Mono Omni Microphone
  • Left: Type A, Old. Right Type B, New
  • Cippy spare Clip. A: Old style

Spare Clip for Clippy Microphones


Spare clips for our Clippy Microphones. Two types are available.

Please ensure you choose the correct clip, these are not interchangeable. 

  • A. Old style:  Tough metal alligator clip with a sprung plastic holder to accept the microphone.
Type: B: New style
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Type A will only fit type A Clippy enclosures, Type B will only fit the newer type B Clippy enclosures.

  • a. Old style: Microphone holder part is 7.8 mm diameter, suitable for holding an 8 mm diameter microphone.

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