Primo EM258 6mm Omni Electret Capsule

A tiny high quality capsule only 6mm in diameter and 2mm deep.
  • Signal to Noise ratio 74dB (Self Noise 20dBA)
  • Sensitivity -32 dB (+/- 3dB at 1kHz, 0dB=1V/Pa)
  • Operating Voltage 3 V (1.5-10 V)
  • Useful Ultrasonic response
  • Mono Module is available

Comparison table for the Primo Microphones

Douglas Langley · EM258 And EM172 Self - Noise Test In A Forest

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Primo suggests the EM258 as a possible replacement for the Panasonic WM-61A. They are different capsules with different specifications as summarised in the table below, the figures are from the respective manufacturers specifications.

Primo EM258 Data Sheet

Please note the EM258 is not suitable for the "Linkwitz modification".
Sensitivity: EM258 -32±3dB 
WM61A -34±4dB
S/N Ratio:  EM258 74dB        WM61A 62dB

The Primo EM258 is identical to the Primo EM158 which is no longer available

Ultrasonic Response
While the EM258 is used mainly for receiving audible signals it is not limited to these frequencies. Like the now discontinued Panasonic WM-61A it has a useful ultrasonic response extending up to 95 kHz. We have done some tests and the EM258 performance exceeds that of the Panasonic WM-61A. Graphs to follow.
"The EM258 sound is clear and dynamic with a great sense of detail and a pristine stereo image."  JF, Helsinki, Finland.


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