Primo EM172 Microphone Capsule

  • Omni directional (non-directional)
  • Signal to Noise ratio 80dB (Self Noise 14dBA)
  • Available as single capsules, 2 matched or 4 matched
  • Also available with short wires pre-soldered
  • Sensitivity -28 dB (+/- 3dB at 1kHz, 0dB=1V/Pa)
  • Operating Voltage 3 V (2-10 V)
  • Maximum input Sound Pressure Level 119 dB

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£ 9.65

  • 2 Matched
  • Single
  • 4 matched

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Ultra low noise - High Sensitivity - Wide Dynamic range - Omni Directional  *Available as single capsules, matched pairs (2) or 4 matched

Superb quality electret condenser mic capsule, its extraordinarily low noise and high sensitivity makes this ideal for recording nature sounds, backgrounds and ambience.

"it’s an amazing little mic.  Some people write it off as it’s so cheap.  Having now spent many £1,000s on various Schoeps and Sennheiser mics, I really do appreciate the amazing value for money that the little EM172's give."  R.Y, Cambridge, UK.

Primo EM 172  Data sheet

These blogs give helpful information and examples of how to use the Primo EM172 capsules.

Should I use an EM172-Z1 or EM173?

The EM172-Z1 and EM173 are physically identical, they share the same housing and diaphragm.

  • The EM172 has a 2 wire connection and is the easiest to use, it can be wired directly directly to most domestic recorders which have 3.5 mm microphone sockets and supply plug in power.
  • The EM173 has a 3 wire connection, its the 3 wire version of the EM172. It has no internal resistor from the source to ground, if you add a 100 ohm resistor between source and ground on the EM173 its identical to the EM172, of course you can select a higher value for less sensitivity.

Soldering information:

  • These electret capsules have solder pads for electrical connection.
  • The FET is mounted within the case and can be damaged by overheating or over voltage.
  • We recommend use of a low power or temperature controlled soldering iron (for instance 18 watts) and to keep contact of the iron to the pad as brief as possible.
  • Please see our brief video demostrating the ideal way to solder these capsules  Soldering Primo EM172 Capsules
  • We also supply the capsules with presoldered wires item FC012 etc


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