3.2 mm Black Heatshrink 2:1 20cm
  • 3.2 mm Black Heatshrink 2:1 20cm
  • 3.2 mm Red Heatshrink 2:1 20cm

Black & Red, 3.2 mm Heatshrink, 20cm

  • Black or Red Heatshrink Sleeving
  • Correct size for Mogami 2697 balanced cable
  • 3.2 mm inside diameter unshrunk
  • 1.6 mm inside diameter shrunk
  • 20 cm length
Colour: Black
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Sleeving which can be shrunk over cables up to 3.2 mm diameter. Provides protection and strain relief. The shrink temperature is 70 C, easily provided from a hot air gun or electric paint stripper, possibly from a hair dryer.  Can also be shrunk with great care using a match or lighter, or the heat from a soldering iron.


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