3.5 mm plug to bare ends 1.5 m

  • Thin flexible cable with TRS (1.0 metre) or TRRS (1.5 metres) Gold plated plugs
  • Screened mono cable
  • Stripped and tinned ready to solder
  • Ideal for connecting a mono mic capsule to both left and right tracks of a recorder

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£ 3.20

  • TRRS
  • TRS

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This is a screend mono cable.  It is wired with the stereo plug tip and ring connected to the cable core and the sleeve connected to the screen.

Ideal to connect a mic capsule to the left and right tracks of a recorder

  • Gold plated
  • Cable diameter 2.5 mm
  • Stripped length approx 10 mm
  • Pure copper conductors

Please note the lead is supplied stripped and tinned, ready to solder. The copper strands of the screen are coated with lacquer to give them additional insulation. This means if the cable is cut shorter the screen wire is not easy to solder, a higher temperature is required to remove the insulating lacquer.


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