Primo EM258 6mm Omni Electret Capsule

A tiny high quality capsule only 6mm in diameter and 2mm deep.
Primo suggest the EM258 as a replacement for the Panasonic WM-61A.

  • Signal to Noise ratio 74dB (Self Noise 20dBA)
  • Sensitivity -32 dB (+/- 3dB at 1kHz, 0dB=1V/Pa)
  • Operating Voltage 3 V (1.5-10 V)
  • Diameter 5.8 mm, depth 2 mm, Weight 0.13 grams.
  • Same as Primo EM158

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  • Primo sugest the EM258 as a possible replacement for the Panasonic WM-61A.
  • Primo EM258 Data Sheet
  • They are different capsules with different specifications as sumarised in the table below, the figures are from the respective manufacturers specifications.
  • Please note the EM258 is not suitable for the "Linkwitz modification".

EM258 -32±3dB
WM61A -34±4dB

S/N Ratio:
EM258 74dB
WM61A 62dB
The Primo EM258 is identical to the Primo EM158

"The EM258 sound is clear and dynamic with a great sense of detail and a pristine stereo image."  JF, Helsinki, Finland.


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