Primo EM272
  • Primo EM272

Primo EM272Z1 Omni Electret Condenser Microphone


Omni Directional - Ultra low noise - High Sensitivity - Wide Dynamic range


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  • Superb quality electret condenser microphone capsule, its extraordinarily low noise and high sensitivity makes this ideal for recording nature sounds, backgrounds and ambience.
  • Ultra low noise - High Sensitivity - Wide Dynamic range - Omni Directional  *Available as single capsules, matched pairs (2) or 4 matched
  • This is Primo's replacement for the EM172-Z1 capsule. It is almost identical in specification and sound, importantly it has the same the high sensitivity and low noise. The maximum SPL is 3dB better than the EM172.

Should I use an EM272Z1 or EM273?

The EM272 and EM273 are physically identical, they share the same housing and diaphragm.

  • The EM272Z1 has a 2 wire connection and is the easiest to use, it can be wired directly directly to most domestic recorders which have 3.5 mm microphone sockets and supply plug in power.
  • The EM273 has a 3 wire connection, its the 3 wire version of the EM272. It has no internal resistor from the source to ground, if you add a 100 ohm resistor between source and ground on the EM273 its identical to the EM272, of course you can select a higher value for less sensitivity.

    Soldering information:
  • These electret capsules have solder pads for electrical connection.
  • The FET is mounted within the case and can be damaged by overheating or over voltage.
  • We recommend use of a low power or temperature controlled soldering iron (for instance 18 watts) and to keep contact of the iron to the pad as brief as possible.
  • Please see our brief video demonstrating the ideal way to solder these capsules  Soldering Primo EM272Z1 Capsules
  • We also supply the capsules with pre-soldered wires item FC012 etc


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