Isolead XLR


  • Isolead Audio Isolation Lead
  • Connect your mobile device safely to any XLR input recorder or mixer
  • Total Galvanic Isolation
  • Hums and buzzes elimnated or reduced
  • No danger from phantom power
  • Left and right channels are sepearately isolated and summed to mono XLR plug

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Earth currents (Ground Loops) between different mains driven equipment causes unwanted buzzes and hums.

This isolator uses a 1:1 transformer between items so no current can move between linked equipment. The transformer is housed in a metal case to maximise screening and has a 1000volt dielectric strength.

The 3.5 mm plug is moulded for absolute reliability. The transformer is designed to operate at line level so will not overload on peaks.  The XLR is A Neutrik XX series with gold plated pins.



  • Frequency Response 40Hz – 20kHz ±0.2dB (input to output)
  • Distortion 0.004% @1kHz
  • Impedance 600Ω : 600Ω
  • Dielectric strength 1000 Volts DC


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