Stereo Field Recording Kit with XLR Clippy Microphones
  • Stereo Field Recording Kit with XLR Clippy Microphones
  • Stereo Field Recording Kit with XLR Clippy Microphones
  • Stereo Field Recording Kit with XLR Clippy Microphones

Field Recording Kit with XLR Clippy Microphones


Our most popular field recording setup. It features the Clippy XLR EM272Z1 microphones for low noise and sensitive recording. The kit contains everything you need to get recording except a recorder and a microphone stand. All the items are also available on our website individually.

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We have many enquiries asking us what a good field recording kit would be so we have assembled this collection to help. It is a popular and complete setup but there are many ways of working, this is just one of them.

The most important item is the stereo matched pair of Clippy XLR EM272 Z-1 microphones. These are amazingly sensitive and low in noise, they capture every detail of a quiet or busy atmosphere.

The Clippy mics come with mounting clips so they can be placed on branches, fences, gates or back packs. 

The recommended microphone spacing for a good stereo image is 50 cm. The folding mic bar does exactly this, but also folds easily for convenient carrying. The microphones sit in Rycote Lyre mounts on the stereo bar, these hold them securely and provide a degree of shock protection.

Microphones used outside will need wind protection, the kit comes with a Rycote Foam windshield over which is fitted a Rycote furry Windjammer.  Together these reduce wind noise by up to 30 dB.

You will need to provide a stand for the microphones, the bar has a 3/8" female thread so will fit on a standard UK microphone stand.  It comes with a thread adapter to enable it also to be fitted on a camera tripod. Around the world microphone stands have different threads,

All these items are available individually on our website so you can pick and choose what you need or select the whole kit.

Items included in kit:

Not included in the kit:

Recorder - XLR based sound recorder or XLR computer sound card with phantom power
Stand - you will need either a microphone stand or a basic camera tripod to mount the bar on


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